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Historically, comics and graphic novels have not been accepted in educational circles. While this has begun to change in recent years, there are still students who are told to give up reading comics for "real" books, parents who have to retrieve confiscated comics from their kids' schools, and teachers who worry that using comics in their classrooms will give them a reputation as being unprofessional or nonacademic. 

Reading in the Gutter is a podcast that attempts to bridge the space between comics and education. We aim to have thoughtful discussion with students, teachers, parents, administrators, librarians, and researchers about comics and roles they can place in classrooms and other learning contexts. We seek to share research, resources, pedagogy, and curriculum focused on comics with interested stakeholders that is theoretically sounds and empirically vetted.

Furthermore, the comics' field has long had a reputation for being a "boys club" and it is was important to us that this podcast feature the voices of women in the world of comics. In addition to foregrounding the voices of women, Reading in the Gutter endeavors to highlight the voices and work of other underrepresented groups including people of color, LGBTQIA+ individuals, and the experiences of individuals with disabilities, as these groups have also been excluded historically from the field.

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